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Meet Vizir, hands-free thermal imaging done right

Hands free thermal imaging has long been a dream of firefighters, but no convincing implementations are currently on the market. Darix finally makes it possible to see through smoke without carrying extra gear. A combination of a transparent display, a high quality thermal sensor and smart electronics and software enable it.

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Why Vizir


Always-on thermal vision allows the firefighter to move much more naturally and faster through dense smoke situations. Search and rescue tasks can be performed more efficiently and always having your hands free generally increases the performance of the firefighter.


Firefighters need to know their environment and be able to act quickly in all situations. Vizir allows them to have much more information and freedom than standard equipment.

Validated by firefighters

Designed with and tested by professional firefighters, Vizir is built from the start with the end-user in mind.

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Vizir Viewer features

Hands free

Have your hands free for more important tasks

See more

Always have a clear thermal image right in front of your eyes

Carry less

Integrated in your mask and clipped on your helmet, one less item to carry

Fits your mask

Designed to retrofit existing masks and helmets

Vizir Thermal features

320p thermal cam

Replace your current handheld camera with a high-quality image

Long battery life

Up to two hours battery time, with rechargeable/removable batteries

Low weight

Minimal added weight, with optimal balance

Robust and safe

Designed for the latest industry standards

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