Augmented reality is coming. Is your company ready?

Augmented Reality in the professional world has been a hot topic for many years now. While the first implementations implied heavy and bulky prototypes, the hardware has made giant leaps forward and is now ready for use in all types of environments and conditions. Still, AR is not a straight-forward process and each application should be tailored to maximize the impact.

At Darix we are experts in understanding how AR can be applied to your specific use-case, with the goal of maximising workflow integration, scalability and cost benefits. We work with multiple existing hardware and software blocks which we can adapt to your specific use. From a basic Remote Support service to advanced AR training solutions, we can provide you the exact solution you need.

Freelancer Essentials

Potential impact for your business


Increase in work efficiency, with hands-free access to people and information


Up to 100% quality insurance through error reduction


Reduction in OTJ (on-the-job) training times


Users of AR systems feel empowered, safer and more efficient

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Remote expert scenario

Darix Pro Remote is a secure web-based platform and an app for selected smart glasses. It securely streams field of view video from the smart glasses to an expert colleague in the office. The expert can take snapshots, and send feedback to the smart glasses in the form of annotated images and drawings. Access to the platform is provided as a service. Darix can help you analyse your needs and offer a pilot program for a smooth start.

Fast access to your experts

Equip your employee with smartglasses allowing hands-free AV calling and enable an encrypted and private conversation

Intervention costs reduction

Allow more junior employees to do complex intervention, give them visual and textual feedback through a web interface

Efficient solution

Comfortable glasses and user-friendly solution with high quality audio and video adapted to your bandwidth

New business opportunities

Give more autonomy to your customers providing them with a first step into the augmented world

AR training scenario

Training is a critical part of any complex technological product. Darix can provide you the ultimate training experience based on Augmented Reality solutions. Find out how you can upgrade your documentation process and make the training experience more productive, validated but also engaging.

Reduce training expenses through better autonomy

Using standard tablets or advanced smartglasses the end-user can directly interact with your product with limited to no external help

Make training more productive and fun

By physically interacting with your product, the end-user will greatly improve its understanding of how to install, maintain and support

Increase brand attractiveness

With very limited cost and near to no modification of your workforce, greatly improve the perceived value of your products

New sales opportunities

By a platform upon which you can propose further services open a new direct sales channels with your clients

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How can Darix help you

Basic service
  • Ready-to-use remote service
  • Various plans from 5 users
  • Smartglass selection
  • Initial setup
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Adapted solution
  • Initial analysis of your needs
  • Pilot phase with validation
  • Support and training solutions
  • Custom hardware selection
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Custom development
  • Full need analysis
  • Development plan
  • SW/HW development
  • Service or full delivery
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